Tourism Forum

The forum, titled “Tourism Restart and Recovery: Responsibility Today, Sustainability Tomorrow”, aims to provide insights into tourism and hospitality during the pandemic crisis and in times of uncertainty. Specifically, it looks into how tourism can be revived amidst challenges and how the industry can be developed in a sustainable manner, not only to overcome health concerns but also to be more resilient and better prepared for the future. Given the magnitude of the crisis, all parties have an important role to play and they have to work together responsibly and effectively. What we have(not) learned and how tourism and hospitality stakeholders should embrace the pandemic and move forward would be discussed by five world renowned tourism experts.

Expert Speakers

Prof. Fevzi Okumus

Prof. Fevzi Okumus is the CFHLA Preeminent Chair Professor within the Hospitality Services Department at the University of Central Florida’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management. He joined the Rosen College in 2005. He was the founding Chair of the Hospitality Services Department from 2007-2013.

Skills and Expertise: Strategic Management, Leadership Development, Lodging/Hotel Management, Strategic Planning, Crisis Management, Change Management, Developing Countries, Cross-Cultural Management

Prof. Alastair M Morrison

Prof.Morrison is currently is the CEO of Belle Tourism International Consulting (BTI) and a Research Professor at the University of Greenwich in London. He serves as the Co-Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Tourism Cities.

Skills and Expertise: Management, Marketing Communication, Tourism, Marketing, Marketing Management, Professional Development, Social Media, Urban Planning, Branding, Consumer Behavior

Prof. Cihan Cobanoglu

University of  South Florida, USA Editor, Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology. Cihan Cobanoglu, PhD, is the McKibbon Endowed Chair Professor of the College of Hospitality & Tourism Leadership (CHTL) at the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee (USFSM), and he also serves as the director of the M3 Center for Hospitality Technology and Innovation and coordinator of International Programs for the College of hospitality & Tourism Leadership. He is a renowned hospitality and tourism technology expert.

Area of Interest: Hospitality Information Technology, e-tourism, Restaurant Technology

Prof. Ulrike Gretzel

Dr. Ulrike Gretzel is currently the Director of Research at Netnografica, an innovative market research company that provides actionable insights by extracting meaning from online conversations.

Before joining Netnografica, Dr. Gretzel was a Visiting Professor of Professional Practice at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, University of Southern California. Her previous academic appointments include Professor, UQ Business School, University of Queensland, Associate Professor of Marketing, University of Wollongong, and Associate Professor of Tourism, Texas A&M University. She has also taught social media and research-related courses at Colorado State University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, IULM in Milan, Italy and MODUL University in Vienna, Austria. She received her Ph.D. in Communications from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and holds a master’s degree in International Business from the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

Prof. Joseph M. Cheer

Joseph is Professor, Center for Tourism Research, Wakayama University, Japan and Adjunct Research Fellow, Monash University. He is board member IGU Commission on Tourism & Leisure & Global Change. He published ‘Tourism Resilience & Adaptation to Environmental Change’ and ‘Tourism Resilience & Sustainability: Adapting to Social, Political & Economic Change’ (2018) ‘Overtourism: Excesses, Discontents & Measures in Travel and Tourism’ (2019) Modern Slavery & Orphanage Tourism (2019).

Skills and Expertise: Tourism, Culture, Sustainable Tourism, Cultural Tourism, Cultural Heritage, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Sustainable Development, Sustainability, Protection Of Cultural Heritage, Human Geography